Motivational Video: “Infinite Shades Of Grey”


"Project Asylum Books, LLC - Infinite Shades of Grey"

Motivational Video: “Infinite Shades of Grey”

Today’s modern society considers grey to be one of the worst colors in existence. Do you have grey hair? Then you should color it, otherwise you’re too old. Are your socks and shirts turning grey? Then you should use bleach detergent to whiten them again.

The Dynamic Duality

The dislike of this one color is caused by the “all or nothing” attitude that many people rely on, in order to understand the world around them. Everything is either black or white; anything else is a dangerous problem. Yet in the effort to gain control of your life by limiting your choices, are you really gaining any control of your potential?

Life is already simple, why complicate your efforts for success? There will always be tough decisions to make, and there will always be difficult truths to discern. But in the end, there will always be three sides to every story: yours, mine, and an infinite shade of grey.

The Color of Success

One of the most important goals that most people want to achieve is to stand apart from the crowd. They want to be different from everyone else, they want to be famous for doing the impossible. And yet, they still fail because they stick to the comfort of extremes.

People fail to stand apart from the crowd, because they’re afraid of being different from everyone else. The ones who defy convention, who defy the norms, who leave their comfort zones, those are the ones who lead colorful lives. Those are the ones whose character and history are often described as “colorful”.

But in order to have color, you must embrace the infinite shades of grey within yourself. For more information, or to schedule us for speaking events, feel free to email ProjectAsylumMagazine@Gmail.Com.

#StayAwesome and always #KeepItClassy.

— Nick Moore, Fearless Leader of #AsylumNation

"Project Asylum Books, LLC - Infinite Shades of Grey"