Motivational Video: “Your Decision, Your Future”

"Project Asylum Books, LLC - Your Decision Your Future"

Motivational Video: “Your Decision, Your Future”

Everyone wishes they had the ability to fly and beat up the bad guys. We’ve all shared that dream since childhood, while watching Saturday morning cartoons. Today, the world needs superheroes… but not all of them wear capes and spandex.

Most heroes can’t even shoot laser beams from their eyes, or run faster than the speed of light. They’re always as close as the reflection in your mirror, and the costume is what you’re wearing right now. No special medical research needed, only the will to use your power for good.

The World Needs You

It’s amazing to watch what one small act of kindness does to people. When you open the door for someone, you open the door to their successful job interview. When you help repair a neighbor’s car, you repair their ability to provide for others. When you give time to a disabled kid, you give them the hope of a brighter future.

You’re the superhero that the world needs. But the decision is yours. Choose wisely, because the fate of your world also hangs in the balance of everyone else’s hands.

This decision is also a personal commitment; with this great power comes great responsibility. What you do today will create opportunities in the future for people you’ll never meet.

You Are The Key To Our Success

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— Nick Moore, Fearless Leader of #AsylumNation

"Project Asylum Books, LLC - Your Decision Your Future"