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About Us: What’s Project Asylum Books?

The quality of a business is equal to the sum of its clients’ potential. That’s the simple marketing strategy behind Project Asylum Books; our success comes from yours.

One Slip is All it Takes

Promotional and motivational companies operate with three options: cheap, fast, and good. While ideal, they can only deliver two of those to each client.

  • You can get “cheap” and “fast”, but it won’t be good.
  • You can get “cheap” and “good”, but it won’t be fast.
  • You can get “fast” and “good”, but it won’t be cheap.

As a result, businesses fail by cutting corners in order to boost profits. They hire online graduates who lack experience, because “doing it right the first time” is too expensive. Ignorance ends up costing them more.

Project Asylum Books believes that time is money… and you’re worth it, too.

A Nation of Creative Success

When you need something done, undelivered promises shouldn’t be part of the deal. Businesses can’t do everything, and they certainly can’t do everything perfectly. Project Asylum Books keeps it simple:

  • We offer graphic design and illustration services.
  • We offer presentation and motivational speaking services.
  • We offer desktop publishing services.

Our SEO footprint isn’t just a few cross-links, it’s a city of cross-traffic. That’s why we don’t advertise Project Asylum Books; through investing in “word of mouth”, we don’t have to! Additionally, moving away from traditional SEO methods makes our 20+ years of knowledge and experience budget-friendly.

No Job’s Too Small for Referral Bonuses

Businesses claim to invest in their communities, but Project Asylum Books does it through paid referral bonuses. Visit our Contact Us page to request more details.

We can’t promise you the moon, but we can promise the sky’s never the limit!

Nick Moore, Fearless Leader of #AsylumNation

"Project Asylum Books" Company Logo (c) 2017 Nick Moore -- About Us Page